Group: Jessica Plume & Danica Smiljanic

Task: Created a 3-5 minute edited video

Audience: Students in Toronto who are in the last few years of high school. They are accustomed to using social media, but they do not know how to get the most out of it, nor do they know about many of the challenges or security issues that we have learned about in class. 

About: What we to create a documentary about a high school students digital footprint. We went out on the streets of Toronto and asked people what they thought social media was as well as what advice they would give high school students who are entering college/university or heading into the work world. As well we interviewed 2 high school students a boy and girl to get there view on social media and what kind of digital footprint they have created for themselves. Over all we discovered that the two high school students did know about the privacy settings and were both careful of what they had posted. After asking the students these questions we opened there eyes into their next steps after high school and just how careful they should be on the internet with privacy settings not just with there Facebook. Overall this documentary was really interesting to film and edit together to see other people’s view on students digital footprint and get there views and opinions on the topic. Hope you enjoy the “Documentary on high school student’s digital footprint”.

Lecture source: Lecture we based our documentary off of was: Module 4: Privacy, securty & Intellectual property by: Guy Hoskins (Prezi lecture)

Academic sources: Attached are the sources from course readings as well as outside academic material: 

Pew Research Internet project:

By: Mary Madden & Aaron Smith 


Digital Foorprints: Assessing Computer Evidence

By: Peter Sommer 


Facebook privacy setting: Who cares?

By Danah boyd and Eszter Hargittai.


Final Project EID 100

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