#9— Coding

This week was focused on the importance of code and how computer programming works. Through the use of code academy www.codeacademy.com I learn how to code html and css for web design. The site offers tutorials and lessons in several coding languages such as ruby, htmls and css, j-query, java-script and more.  After using the HTML coding trainer I learned how easy creating a website can be and programming is literally just like a language. It’s not all numbers and illegible code,  each line of code has a specific instruction for the computer and makes sense even in to a beginner. I sometimes am forced to use code in my program; coding arduino computer chips which has a lot of capabilities however is nowhere near as fun as html and css (which is more design based). Below are a few screen-caps of the exercises the badges I earned doing the tutorials. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone that is interested in getting started with code or have a curiosity about programming languages and how they work! 



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