#9— Coding

This week was focused on the importance of code and how computer programming works. Through the use of code academy www.codeacademy.com I learn how to code html and css for web design. The site offers tutorials and lessons in several coding languages such as ruby, htmls and css, j-query, java-script and more.  After using the HTML coding trainer I learned how easy creating a website can be and programming is literally just like a language. It’s not all numbers and illegible code,  each line of code has a specific instruction for the computer and makes sense even in to a beginner. I sometimes am forced to use code in my program; coding arduino computer chips which has a lot of capabilities however is nowhere near as fun as html and css (which is more design based). Below are a few screen-caps of the exercises the badges I earned doing the tutorials. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone that is interested in getting started with code or have a curiosity about programming languages and how they work! 



#7—Create a Web App


This week’s session was focused on the UX of design. I used Appy Pie to create my own web/mobile app and put my UX skills to the test. The link is provided below. All images used are property of Ryerson University and found directly off Ryerson’s website. 

The creation of this web app was fun and and relatively easy to use however I don’t think it is a great platform to use for anything other than a demo. It heavily relies on social media like facebook, which I deem as personal and think would deter many people from using this system. In addition ( from my experience at least) I don’t find it very easy to make the user experience as  fun and intuitive as possible. With free web application as these it is fun to use an get our mind thinking but creating a sustainable web app would not be ideal with Appy Pie.