# 5—Curating your information: Tweetdeck


This week we were given the option to explore the uses of the tools “Tweetdeck” or “Hootsuit” and Link our Twitter accounts to the application and examine the difference in the curation of information and the more popular options we have online like Google. As far as presentation and usability goes Tweetdeck is a fabulous option for avid twitter users. It acts as a modern dashboard, constantly updating you with the latest information and allows you to see what people are doing online along with managing your own online interactions. You can use Tweetdeck to post on your behalf . If I were to compare Tweetdeck with another search engine like Google, I would say that the biggest difference is that Tweetdeck offers a much narrower scope of information with much more modern/ updated results. This can be an listed as an  advantage AND a disadvantage; Although it might give you more specific results, it isolates broader inputs that may also be of interest/ highly related; ultimately adding to your information and results. As far as a system filtering, managing, and uploading online content goes; applications like Tweetdeck are far superior to Google and I would highly recommend its use to company’s looking to curate their social media/ content or even a daily user. For me however, I’m stick to google for now—mostly because its already of second nature to me. 


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