#3—Project Proposal

Group: Jessica Plume & Danica Smiljanic 

Title: Digital Footprint

Video proposal:


Today we will discuss: 

The issue of how it will benefit Toronto high school students who are accustomed to using social media but they do not know how to get the most out of it, nor do they know about many of the challenges or security issues that we have learned about in class.

Today we will teach: 

We will teach them how to have a “Digital Footprint” in a professional manner and ways for them to still use social media for personal use.

 Questions to ask: 

  • How do I create a Digital Footprint?
  • What comes up when searching there name?
  • What they want professionals to view them as?
  • Would you want an employer or teacher to see that?
  • What do you want it to show and say?
  • How can I promote myself?

How we will present: 

We will do this through a video showing the steps though a high school students journey leaving high school and entering there University or job field by showing what there digital footprint looks like.


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