#1—Digital “Netiquette”



Since the emergence of the internet in the 90s there has been a major sociological shift in terms of social behaviors. From a young age we are taught how to act in public, how to treat others, and how to interact in a variety of social settings. However the internet offers a new type of society; a global society that allows you to be completely anonymous while interacting with people all over the world. With this anonymity come power; the power to speak your mind without any repercussions; If you say something offensive in a chatroom to someone you don’t like, you’ll never have to worry about running into them in person ( if you’re careful with your online profile). Along these lines; comes the problem of cyber bullying, cyber stalking, and general “rules” of online interaction.  But why does online interaction have to have different rules than real life. If you wouldn’t say something to someone in person you shouldn’t say it online. Growing up parent are constantly teaching their children “treat others the way you would like to be treated” but so often online we see that that is not the case. A perfect example would be youtube stars like Rebecca Black that get ridiculed by the online community and even death death threat.—for what? for posting a video? I think that with the school systems integrating such technologies and teaching how to use the internet and its resources, they should also be teaching kids what is acceptable behavior and why. I believe that if we teach digital etiquette from a young age we can limit inappropriate digital behavior.








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